Creatures of the Forest

Martha, Chris and I went to Westerpark for a stroll. We found ourselves a wide open spot and got on one of those barbeque/picknick wooden benches. It was dark already. It was really cold as well, we were all dressed in proper winter outfits. We sat on the bench and started looking around us.

There was a lot of grass, which looked really green! In front of our bench, there was a little pond with some small squares of dry land in it, which had some dried plants on them. A few ducks were passing by from time to time. The ground around us looked very similar to those children’s floor mats which have little roads, cars, traffic lights, trees and bushes illustrated on them. All the colours at the park seemed to be extremely intense and beautiful. I was ecstatic. It was almost better than being ecstatic actually. At the background, far in the distance, we could see a factory’s enormous chimney of some sort and smoke was coming out of it. Closer, yet behind the little pond, there were a lot of forest trees and just behind the trees, a railway.

Every few minutes, for as long as our visit at the park lasted, trains kept on passing by. I was so fascinated by them. I mean we all were, but especially me. When one of us would hear or see a train approaching, we would point at it straight away and say something like “Train! There is train coming, train, look train!” Quite often, there were two trains coming from opposite directions, simultaneously. Every single time that this was happening, I would clap my hands like a child.

Regarding the feeling, it was quite pure, deep, bright happiness. Similar to the kind of excitement on a Christmas morning, just before opening the presents and then, the joy of hugging family members and spending the rest of the day playing and arguing with them when you are five years old. Or, imagine a young child, running on a field while being chased by their best friend, picking flowers, the sun is shining, birds are singing and mum has cooked their favourite for dinner.

That picture, of the three of us, being surrounded by the greatest green that I have ever seen…I can only smile when I think of it and it makes me want to turn into a tree myself. That view of the carpet looking like grass, the water in the little pond, the breathtaking, smoking factory chimney at the background, with all the trees and the trains of course. It certainly was one of the most captivating sights I have ever come across so far. I belonged there.